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Lastly, ‘Shop Big, Win Bigger’ was rolled out to reward shoppers for fulfilling their pent up demands. In the mall, the team has tried to keep the communication bright and vibrant. Indoor advertisements can guarantee impression because of the advantage of a closed space where the customers will be exposed to the advertisements without fail. This is because each resident or person in the elevator will be exposed to the brand in a closed setting.

shopping mall advertising ideas

Khushi Advertising has been conferred with the ‘Iconic Brand of India 2018’ – an award by the Economic Times which highlights the journey of brands that have achieved iconic stature and maintained the same over decades. Television advertising costs can vary greatly depending on the lengt... Since the dawn of trade, marketing has played a pivotal role in conn... Show the web pages with great visuals and relatable information like the landing pages, product pages, service details pages, and many more on digital screens. You can keep a karaoke or music player running with your information signage. Deploying a social wall also means improved online footprint count ensuring more feedback.

It also has experience with various types of outdoor and digital advertising. Malls, which seem to be the center of such businesses' retail locations, are one such arena. This will not only assure a positive promotion of your brand among urban residents, but it will also boost your possibilities of making an initial impact on people's thoughts.

The eye-catching and attention-grabbing nature of retail digital screens makes them crucial for educating retail customers and creating brand awareness. We are a local marketing and sales agency that help small/medium sized businesses and Start up. Established for over 10 years, our clients vary in size and cover a wide variety of business sectors.

“In our research, we found that electronics is something people have started to buy a lot. Mobiles, tablets, soundbar, printers, televisions were highest in demand due to work from home and school from home scenarios. So we thought, let’s give them these as return gifts on shopping with us,” Kirtikar adds.

This included their Saturday Live bands, Wednesday events for women and Tuesday food samplings and recipe curations. They arranged for a digital party for their customers on the completion of seven years. During the Ganpati festival, since the mall had not opened by then, they worked around a lot of activities online.

Experiential Marketing – Malls are one of the best places to engage your audience. You can conceptualise and execute any activity which is either for an individual shopper or for a crowd. E.g. a one-on-one engagement with an individual shopper where you actually let him see the product. Depending on the product, a customer can even touch, smell, taste or hear it. Hence all the senses of the customer can be triggered through such an activity.

Finding the shopping mall advertisement ideal name for your company can be difficult, though. So take a look at some of these shopping centre names while coming up with a name for your shopping mall event ideas and new store. Several engagement-centric posts are also being put up by the team.

Engaged Audience

The concept of Shopertainment' is hard to define in the context of a shopping center. Although malls have traditionally offered several different types of entertainment options, it is this category that has seen the most growth in recent years. Excellent Publicity, being the best mall advertising agency in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and other parts of India, is here at your fingertips to make things easier for you. Excellent Publicity is your one-stop-shop for mall and multiplex advertising. We will manage all of your advertising needs, from banner advertisements to kiosks, to reach a larger audience. We encompass multiple malls in Bangalore and other major metropolitan areas as part of our advertising in malls and multiplexes. Live demonstrations, sampling, contests, kiosks, and other forms of mall and cinema advertising will enable direct advertising and increase the value of your business.

They plan to partner with influencers online as well as promote collections offline with mannequin displays. Nishank Joshi, Chief Marketing Officer, Nexus Malls tells us how the first one focussed on Safety First, a campaign meant to build assurance. Then came Celebrating First, where patrons were asked to celebrate their firsts with the malls.

Indoor ads will be targeted to customers who already know about your business but need additional information on specific products. An indoor ad about a new dish in a restaurant, the opening of a new branch, etc., are such indoor advertising examples. Obviously, the main difference is that outdoor ads are positioned in outdoor spaces, whereas indoor advertising takes place in confined interior spaces.

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The average mall has a wide range of shops, including toy shops, bargain shops, clothes shops, and department stores. The majority of malls are conveniently close to one another by car. You may launch a company that offers goods for sale to mall patrons. You might be able to secure extra store space in a mall as you establish a solid reputation. At the malls, decorations were key to making customers feel special.

In short, a leading shopping mall advertising company designs the campaign in a way to enhance the buying experience of the shoppers. Moreover, advertising in shopping malls offer several diverse options, right from escalator wraps, danglers, banners and backlit directories to digital media, interactive solutions, ads at the food court and more. Such diverse options ensure that the attention of your consumers is adequately grabbed. Unlike outdoor advertisements, indoor ads do not face the risk of severe distractions to the audience. Inside a shopping mall or a retail store, the customers will be in a shopping mode, ready to explore and experience the business and the products.